There are so many coffee shops and espresso bars in Oslo (Norway) to choose from, what are your favourites?

Norway has the second most coffee drinkers in the world per capita. Not surprisingly then, Oslo has a plethora of coffee shops and coffee bars to choose from. Right now, Oslo’s coffee shops and espresso bars are amongst the trendiest in the globe, for their uniquely roasted beans, methods, and immense knowledge. Coffee here isn’t simply a means of caffeine, it’s a way of life. Which coffee bars are the best? has comprised a list of the top 5 coffee shops and espresso bars of this coffee-loving capital.

Java: Ullevålsveien 47 (Mon–Thurs: 07–18, Fri: 07–22, Sat: 08–18, Sun: 09–18)

Where? A sleek espresso bar in the St. Hanshaugen neighbourhood, located near one of the best parks in the city, St. Hanshaugen Park.

Upon entering the high-ceilinged and mint-coloured tiled bar, one might feel the classic ice cream parlour vibe. The bubbly and welcoming staff will brighten your day! Some baristas will do the pour over right in front of you. All indoor seating is bar stools and they currently do not have WiFi, but the atmosphere is not to be missed—Java is a must.

What to try: The Isercortado (48 NOK), a little espresso blend consisting of African and South American beans, ice, and milk. This buttery and smooth drink comes in a stemless wine glass, making one feel both refreshed and kind of glamorous.

Supreme Roastworks: Thorvald Meyers Gate 18 (Mon–Thurs: 07–17, Fri: 07–21, Sat: 10–17, Sun: 11–17)

Where? Your ultimate trendy neighbourhood coffee shop in Grünerløkka (a district of Oslo).

If you go here, you’re sure to be in the ‘in-crowd’ of the hipster neighbourhood of Grünerløkka. It’s wooden chairs and tables create a cosy atmosphere while providing you ample opportunities to watch the baristas work their magic behind the counter. You will be greeted with excellent coffee, friendly staff, and free WiFi. The baristas have extensive knowledge about coffee—a subject they will passionately educate you about!

What to try: The Ethiopian slow-processed coffee (45 NOK). It takes about 10 minutes to brew, but it’s well worth the wait. This fruity-elegant-round coffee is so good it will leave you wanting another cup. Turn your coffee outing into lunch with Supreme Roastworks’ hearty sandwiches.

Fuglen: Universitetsgaten 2 (Mon–Fri: 07.30–19, Sat: 10–19, Sun: 10–18)

Where? A hidden gem, but not to be missed—it’s only 4 minutes walk from The National Gallery.

As soon as you enter the coffee and cocktail bar, you’ll feel as if you have flown into the 1960s. After all, the word “fuglen” translates into “bird” in English. The vintage vibe with inspiration from Japan is cosy and alluring, yet with the same comforts of the 21st century such as top notch WiFi.  

What to try: The Ethiopian Fuglen roasted Kalita hand-brewed hot or cold (49 or 39 NOK). The hot brew is light, yet at the same time robust in flavour. The cold version is more fruity and sweet, even without sugar. To jazz up your coffee routine, make sure you visit on a Wednesday to Saturday when they serve coffee cocktails. What could be better than that?

**If you’re in Tokyo anytime soon, be sure to visit Fuglen’s other location too!

Stockfleths: 10 locations around the city

Where? In terms of chains, Stockfleths is the best in the city. With 10 locations around Oslo, your early morning cup or midday pick-me-up is just around the block! Each branch has an edgy interior with a local vibe, leaving you questioning if it’s actually a chain. WiFi depends on location.

What to try: A black cup of the special of the day (30 NOK). The Costa Rica Approcetu blend is mild, but very sweet and caramelised. Its profile changes depending on when the beans were grown, so be prepared for a little different taste depending on the time of year.

Tim Wendelboe: Grünersgate 1 (Mon–Fri: 08.30–18, Sat–Sun: 11–17)

Where? This espresso bar in Grünerløkka (a district of Oslo) is the heart and soul of the coffee industry in this city.

If you want to know exactly where your coffee is from, this is the place to go. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about coffee, and their thorough descriptions will make you feel like a coffee pro. Each Saturday they host a cupping session, where you taste various types of coffee side by side. Spots fill up fast, so reserve your ticket in advance. The espresso bar boasts an impressive bean roaster, available for all customers to see. It’s primarily a micro-roastery and espresso bar, so there aren’t many seats—get your drink of choice to go and explore the über cool neighbourhood!

What to try: Double shot of espresso (30 NOK), made from Colombian beans that give a sweet and full-bodied flavour.

Text by Lauren Guido / Photo: Pixabay