On Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th June, Oslo’s public transport authority, RuterAS, invites residents and tourists to see Oslo in a totally different way. A special route has been created with stops at unique places all over town. From kids skateboarding to Norwegian architecture, there will be something along the way for everyone to enjoy.

How to participate?

All you need is your valid Ruter# ticket and when you board the newly decorated bus you will be given a participation pass. The pass is valid all day and you can hop on and hop off at any or all of the stops that interest you. The route has 9 stops with special activities and the Customs Building between the Oslo Opera House and Oslo S (Oslo Central Station). When on board you can also pick up a certificate of participation and a map with the complete itinerary. And download the Ruter app to stay updated on all the bus times while on your weekend adventure in Oslo! See the schedule.

Things To Do Along the Way and look at your journey planner on Ruter#.

  1. Bus stop: Bryggtorget– See skateboarders try new tricks at one of Oslo’s newest skateparks.  
  2. Bus stop: Tollboden– Visit the first Customs Building between the Opera House and Oslo S.
  3. Bus stop: St. Halvard Plass– Learn the history of begging monks in the old part of town.  
  4. Bus stop: Harald Hårdrådes plass– Eat delicious waffles delivered from a cute bedroom window.
  5. Bus stop: Rosenhoff– Learn some new moves at a dance class.
  6. Bus stop: St. Hanshaugen– Listen to opera at the famous Underwater Pub.
  7. Bus stop: Fayes Gate– Smell and taste fresh herbs at the garden in Geitmyra.
  8. Bus stop: Frøensalléen– View art from kids around the world.
  9. Bus stop: Vinderen– Learn about the Norwegian architecture style—‘funkisperle’.
  10. Bus stop: Grimelundsveien– Escape the sun and visit the Vigeland museum and tomb (Only open Saturday).

Tickets: All valid Ruter tickets can be used to participate. Family discounts apply all weekends.

What: Hop On, Hop Off

Where: All over Oslo

When: 18–19 June 2016

Time: Buses run every 15 minutes between 11:00 and 16:00. See the schedule.


Text by Joell Serrano / Image: courtesy of Ruter#